A little while back I finished Primal. A really cool game that were rather unique, at least to me.

The game is about Jen, an ordinary girl that goes out with a rock star from a metal band or so we think…

She ends up in a coma due to an attack outside of a club where her boyfriend, Lewis, has just finished a metal concert. Outside they meet a giant demon that attacks them and then he takes off with her boyfriend to who knows where and poor Jen is left for dead.

As we see Jen at the hospital, lying there, we soon meet Scree. A wonderful little stone figure who “wakes” Jen up from her coma and urges her to follow him. Leaving her body behind and enter oblivion with him.
She isn’t exactly up for it but she really want to get her boyfriend back and Scree says that he knows how to find him.

Here the game really starts and Jen will make her way through four worlds to save them from chaos, one really different from the other with puzzles, combat and interesting characters. Before she starts she learns that she is a shape-shifting demon herself and in each world she gets a new shape. In one she can swim, in another she gets super strength and speed. All forms have their unique way of battling and blending in to the worlds.

You can always change between Jen and Scree as they are capable of doing different things. Where Jen can’t go, Scree takes over and the other way around. Most of the game time is spent thinking out paths to take you over obstacles and past puzzles and knowing where to go next.

The puzzles are rather easy once you get into them and the combat can be a bit frustrating but the battling parts are rather few and you can replenish life while in demon form from Scree, if you lose any. The story is the best in this game as it is interesting and makes me curious to see what happens next in the story and between Jen and Scree.

The whole game makes me even more curious at the console itself as I mostly have been playing PC games, it’s a truly good looking game and the areas where you run around are amazing and creative.

I must also mention the music in Primal as it really catch my attention. It is mostly made by 16volt and makes the game even more awesome in my ears as the battles seems more dynamic and heavy and the exploring part as kind of on the more adventurous and eerie side.

You should really try it out on Ps2, as it is a good game. It also seems that Primal were recently re-released to Ps3 this year, so play it!


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