Dreamfall: The Longest Journey



The whole game from start to finish were like an really epic mix of mind blowing story, perfect surroundings and interesting people. Every human or non-human were intriguing and really different from the others.
Zoë, one of the ‘main’ characters, I liked the most, but April and Kian weren’t far behind. Tho Kian’s voice makes me think of a really bad action movie starring a really generic dude that can’t act properly but that goes away with his story even though he is faith himself and and apostle at that…

The game starts with Zoë living a normal life, well almost normal, she recently broke up with her boyfriend Reza cause she lost every direction in life, just floating around, doing this, and that she even dropped out of school.
One day, she meets Reza and he asks her to get a package for him as he can’t get it himself, of course seeing as Zoë still loves him, agrees with this. Little did she know, where that journey would take her.
Where the package is supposed to be picked up, she finds a very weird receptionist and later discovers the woman she was going to meet, locked in a lab. Rescuing her sets the whole thing in motion and Reza has gone missing and the EYE are after both Zoë and him.

As the game goes along, she travels from town to town, land to land to find him, infiltrating ‘WATIcorp’, the big corporations what makes the famous Watillas and other things (Computers inside of tiny, cute gorillas and other shapes). She even travels to different parallel universes and finding things she never thought were possible.

The graphics of the game and atmosphere is really lovely, it helps with the feeling of it all, and the game reminds me a lot of Fahrenheit, with options, changing of characters and a really nice and well told story.
Though the game hardly ever have any combat and the combat there is, feels rather random to me.
The game is the second in the series, the first is The Longest Journey but this game can easily be played alone as it isn’t really seen as an direct sequel.

One thing about the story that I have to complain about is the ‘romance’ between Zoë and Damien, wth…? A more random situation couldn’t have happened. They meet, cause she breaks in to WATIcorp and tells him that Jericho/Reza is missing and he is instantly tagging along and helping her. Why? For all he knows I could have been anyone…! And after that she gets to borrow his clothes and sleep at his apartment, for that he gets kisses and a ‘I want to get to know you but not now’ type of talk, then he disappears and is never to be seen again.

The whole story raises so many questions about things that just are there but never told about, but ties together most of the story as well, I can’t wait for a third release of the series and I hope it won’t take long at all for it to get here!

So, my advice to you are to play Dreamfall: The Longest Journey right this minute and then play Fahrenheit after because you won’t regret it. The games really makes you think.
Link to Fahrenheit Review

‘The undreaming is unchained….’

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