Mass Effect 3


There are spoilers in here!

Soo….. Mass Effect 3… I don’t really know what to say about the ending… It sucks…

With that said I have to admit that the game were overall a rather good game, at least by itself, it started out pretty epic in my opinion but little tings made the feeling gradually fade.
I played this first time without any save files from the other games and I have to say that, not being able to choose anything and that generally everybody should be dead then… why? It was just irritating… I hate when they make it so that you can just play the third game if you want to and forget about the others…

I thought that this game had more speeches and a lot more combat but in the end when I thought about it, the game only had a lot more combat, sure the talks were increased but not the things to say, and what happened to the talks with your companions? Now they are just “drive by” speeches that has no feeling at all.

And what happened to the romance, is Kaiden/Ashley all that is left of the epic romance drama that has been through all the games? Don’t get me wrong, I love Kaiden, I do but still…. Kaiden? Really?
And on that note, What the hell happened to Ashley?! I liked her better before…

I will play the game again with some save files to see if the game can get any content that I’m more familiar with and some more content to what seemed only as a pure action movie, with lots of deaths and explosions. I felt really bad when Mordin, Legion and Tali died (I guess I blame myself for Tali and Legion) but not Miranda… The scene was just overdone and really, dying in Shepard’s arms while moaning and making those strange noises? Really?

The feeling of the game were overall sad, it is the last game after all and it really feels like the end for Shepard and her adventures, and sure enough, in the end she goes out with a boom, literally, who could have figured out that the ending would seem to be about your choices but it really isn’t, it just ends with different colors…

So, to the positive part of it all, the graphics were really nice and they have improved over the years from the first ME to the last… I’m sorry if this was all raging but to such a epic story, it should at least be a truly epic ending, but it really wasn’t..

Gonna end this post with loving pictures from yours truly, Aaryn Shepard and her Kaiden!
(Sorry about the pics, I print screened it from a film that I took with my phone…)


2 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3

  1. Ahhh Mass Effect… Great series! Just sooooo long :O I’ve been trying to find motivation to replay all three, just this time on a female character. I know once I complete ME1, ME2 and 3 will be smooth sailing!

    Though my thoughts on Mass Effect 3! Excellent game, expanded on ME2’s greatness in terms of gameplay and story. The cutscenes also were…Bloody amazing! Reaper vs Giant Worm (That I’ve forgotten the name of ;-;) Was so cool! Everything else was nice. Graphics were pretty damn good, once again found a bit of trouble choosing my Class but found something that fit in the end. A few good new companions, but overall a very cinematic game 🙂

    Also yes, choosing between Legion or Tali ;-; Such a hard choice!


  2. I think it's too bad that a game that is very epic for like 39 hours (my playthrough was 40 hours at least with all sidequests I could find) is all ruined because of the last hour where everything goes down very badly. They could've continued making it super epic but it just feels half assed really. I loved the entire game before that, had that epic feeling from beginning to (almost) end, and people forget how good the rest of the game is because of the ending. I hated when everyone had to die and there was nothing you could do about it though. When Mordin (who was one of my favourite characters) died I was soo sad. “Had to me be. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.” But then at the ending and all you get is like “wait what?”.

    Also, losing Legion AND Tali at pretty much the same time is not OK. 😦


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