Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition


So, last week I finally got my Collector’s Edition on Mass Effect 3, I waited a long time and when I got it I squealed like almost never before.
Though the content wasn’t all that, it was still my first preorder and I could not be happier.

I thought to myself that I should at least order Mass Effect, cause it’s three of my favorite games and cause it has female Shepard all over it. Finally the front cover is of a woman, and a truly awesome one on top of that!

I will give a better review on Mass Effect 3 later but I just have to say that the look of default female Shepard in the game truly disappointed me, she wasn’t at all like the pictures that goes around, I just though that she looked rather weird…

And I do play online so if anyone wanna play with me, just give me a shout and add me, Ishiniya is my account name and I play by the name of Laviniya.

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