Fallout: New Vegas Modded


Spoiler alert!

Last night I finished playing New Vegas, and I must really say that it was something else.
I though that, even if they weren’t made in the same year or anything, the game would look and be a lot like Skyrim. Empty, boring and dumb. Oh how wrong I was! I should have expected more from what I’ve been hearing about Fallout 1 and 2. But after Dragon age 2, I was scarred for life.

It all starts with me being shot in the head and buried ‘alive’, by a dumb looking fellow in a checkered suit, by the name of Benny. But luckily for me, a guy by the name of Doc Mitchell is around and patches me up.
I must have looked like hell cause he made me check to see if everything were in place. I can just say, I never looked the same again. ‘Well, let’s make the best of it’ I thought and started a new life in the Mojave desert as I had no memory at all of who I was or what I was doing.

My first assignment were to find that ‘Benny boy’ and make him pay.

As the time progresses my knowledge of the desert makes it easier to get around and my skills improves vastly. As I headed out to find Benny, I picked up a gun, some armor and started walking, following the trails he has left behind.

So my quests takes me through the Mojave desert and around the different factions that has settled there. Some are bigger, and some are smaller but still made a big impression in the long run.
Though, why anyone would not only talk to me, be kind to me, pour their heart out and let alone ask me for help, is beyond me. I would shoot the hell out of anyone that came running in full speed, all geared up in armor and guns to their teeth, towards me, I didn’t though.

On my way, I stopped to meet a lot of new people, especially a little broken fellow in Primm who became my most loyal companion, ‘E-DE my love’. I also found a really special caravan woman in one of the Mojave Outpost who seemed to wanna get out so I asked her to join, I have never regretted that decision.
Other people came and went but those two were always loyal.

I helped many people and settlements and I was soon called ‘Savior of the damned’ though I tried to keep myself neutral and just help those I felt needed helping, though it seems that they all needed it.

Oh and I found ‘Benny boy’, lets just say, the ‘black widow’ in me made sure that the last word he ever said to me were how awesome I were in bed.

In his back room I found this peculiar little robot, by the name of Yes Man, and from that moment on it was us against the world.
The big factions like the Legion or NCR had nothing on us and the robot army I had stumbled across under the Legion camp, they became only mine, Las Vegas would only me mine! *insert evil laughter*

I felt like an ass when the big dam battle came along, my robots ruled everything and as I got to exited before the big battle, I forgot most of the little factions and they disappeared or died soon after.

After 61 hours my war was ended and my current standing were at lvl 29 with 100 in repair, medicine, science, speech and guns. ❤ I felt like I owned the place.
The game were really good looking, and I really felt like I was roleplaying the kind of character I wanted, at times she even said the things I thought to myself.

But… The war never ended…
‘Because war, war never changes…’

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