May be spoilers!

So, I’ve recently tried Okami for PlayStation 2 and I really liked the artsy style of it all (called Sumi-e I think), though the game is a little repetitive, the overall weirdness is more than enough to make up for it.

Amaterasu, is a female main character (for once) and a kick ass one. She is the goddess of the sun and everything but seems to have suffered from amnesia.

As the game progresses, Ammy, as Issun (her little annoying companion) calls her, learns about new painting techniques with her Celestial Brush, thanks to other gods that are hiding in the stars, and waiting for Ammy to come, that helps her to fix the world again and rid it of demons and corruption that has befallen the lands.

Ammy is snow white with red marks, a wolf and is hardly taken seriously by anyone, but people still ask for her help due to the fact that she looks a lot like Shiranui, the wolf who with the help of Nagi, to seal the demon Orochi away.

100 years has past after the story about Shiranui and the demon, and again the demon roam the lands, thanks to some idiot that broke the seal, and it is up to Ammy to stop it.

The voices in the game are creeping me out though, I’ve read that the voices are real, just scrambled and fixed to sound like they do…Pretty bizarre in my opinion.
I’m not that used to play with a controller so honestly, I had a bit of a problem to get the brush techniques right but after a short while, I sort of got a hang of it.

The game it self is pretty easy and it is easy to get around as well as fight. The characters are hilarious and I can’t help but laugh at their silliness often. Poor Ammy seems to be the only one that is sane but she doesn’t say much.

So I think that you should definitely try it if you haven’t already. It’s cute, fun and most of all really spectacular and different, at least from what I usually play.


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