Smelly trolls and greedy archers…

So, a while ago I was talking about that I was writing for a little ‘magazine’, so I thought that I would post the articles here, in English so anyone who wants, can read them.

Smelly trolls and greedy archers – that is love

It wasn’t the first role playing game I played, I’ve played a lot before. However, it was the first game I’ve ever played that made me struggle so. ‘Trial and error’ on such a level that it took me quite a few tries to keep my anger inside and not to take it out on my dear computer.

The games before were simple, some harder but this was hard on a whole new level. It took a while to learn all the basics. D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) that the game is based on is, in my opinion, not that easy to learn.

When I finally came into the game, a whole world opened opened up of dragons and demons, caves and landscapes, different races and choices that I could only dream of in my wildest fantasies. 
I started up my first character who of course is an elf, a red-headed and agile elf. Never in my life would I ever play as a human! There were so many races to choose from but the elf were clear as day to me from the beginning.

In the game, I got to choose what to say the moment I sat foot in the world. Would I be greedy? Kind? Or maybe even evil or all three, combined? 
I slowly made my way through the world, and my love for it grew even more and more, as did the love between my elf and her new found man and companion. There were others in her group, a dwarf, a demon, a human and more but no one as the interesting, awesome, evil and greedy archer.

The game moved on, the plot thickened and I found myself forgetting both time and space. I lived in front of the game, I couldn’t tear myself from it. It was like I really were the heroine in this world. It was I who fought smelly trolls that only could be killed with fire and dark demons that turned my blood into ice in my very core.

When the end was near, my heart were on the edge of bursting, what would I do without this happiness? The game opened up my love and addiction for role playing games and lucky me, there were other games, similar games, D&D games, but they were and are very few.

Neverwinter Nights 2 is the game and will always be one of the greatest games I’ve ever played. It was the game that got me into the realm of role playing games and if you haven’t played it, do it!”

So, after I wrote this I could not keep myself from playing it again so, soon I will post a more in depth post about it.


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