Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


So finally I’ve ‘finished’ Skyrim, or I finished the main story and some side-quests and the whole time I sat and waited for those ‘Oooh cool!’ moments that never came, even the ‘submain’ quests in the game, like the dark brotherhood, the thieves guild, the mage guild and the imperial vs stormcloaks quests were so boring in the end, not even anything to make me feel that I truly became the boss of it all.
They were all like: ‘Oh it’s you, ah.. thanks for everything, here’s a sword or something, Bye!’…

But overall the game were really nice, the quests were mostly really fun and different but now and again I did stumble over a few ‘mmo’ like quests that made me really annoyed, like ‘get 10 bear pelts or 20 nirnroots’. Yeah for what? a few septims?

The ‘perks’ of the game were a really bad attempt at making the game a bit more like ‘Fallout 3’, but face it, you are not choosing perks, you are choosing skills. A perk for me is something that truly shapes the player, not gives them more power or more magick regen.

I would have liked the game to have more replay appeal due to the openness of it all. It was truly boring that I as a fighter at first would have access to badass magic abilities at all, or that a mage as I later chose, would be able to swing a two-handed sword. I, myself, tried roleplaying my characters as best as I could, as only a fighter, who later became more of a thief… and then my main, an arcane thief with the power of both stealth and magic. In that way it was a cool twist that I could chose as I pleased but still.

Other than the quests, I truly loved the dragons, they looked really nice and gave a good fight, at least when I were at a lower lvl. Otherwise the world were pretty empty, but have lots of modding potential. I can’t wait for the Creation Kit to get out.

So I will replay the game, when the Kit gets out, though not the main quests so I can try out the potential of the game that apparently Bethesda couldn’t have done themselves, and I might write something about that too later on. The graphics are good and the stuff you can do are pretty fun.

But if you are a great fan of “vanilla” Oblivion, you should try this one as well.

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One response to “Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

  1. Your Dovahkiin looks weeeakkkk :p Joking! πŸ˜€ Skyrim! ❀

    Love this damn game so much! πŸ™‚ Not only in terms of story, but; graphics, gameplay, variety of things to do, the classes, dual wielding, magic! Quests! Huge map! Dialogue! EEEE! -fangasms!-

    Damnit Bethesda. How you so good at RPGs?! But yes, anyway, this game is just amazing IMO. πŸ™‚ Well worth the long wait. Only problems I have with it are not the games fault, but my computers. Can't run well for too long D: Gets laggy.

    Second best part of this game?! The Community! Omg, all those glorious mods! <3. Makes the game TEN times the fun πŸ˜€ And even more beautiful in graphical mods :O

    Overall, one of my most favourite games. Can get a bit boring, but just…Wow. Love it πŸ™‚


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