Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2


So, I just looked through my blog and realized that I haven’t written a single word about either Nwn och Nwn 2. Shame on me!
The second game was THE game that truly fueled my love for roleplaying games and got me so hooked that I hardly wanna play anything else besides that.

I was about to write an article about my ‘special’ game for a little ‘magazine’ (nothing big at all, and it’s in swedish.) and thought about looking at my blog for inspiration. I was shocked that I hadn’t written anything, so here goes.

I love Nwn 2 the most tho the first is really good, I will mainly talk about the second.
The story, characters (especially Bishop and Casavir) and the lore it self is truly wonderful, it drags me in like I was there. I’m sad that those kind of games aren’t made anymore.

If you wanna play a role playing game that has awesome races, customization and cool classes, that also has a truly badass story then this game is for you! ❤

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment!

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