Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Spoiler alert!

So, this evening I finished playing Deus Ex: HR and I must say that I am positively surprised that the game were as good as it is.

The first feeling I got from the game were that the tutorial resembled Mass Effect 2 though that changed pretty quickly. The game is overall pretty fun and I sat for days and days to finish it. The story is thick with a lot of content and interesting characters, I even felt sad for Malik at a special moment. The role play however were pretty thin and most of the game were like a movie.

The supposed romance in the game though were not so apparent as I would have wanted but nonetheless Adam fought for his life to save Megan. I am such a romantic when it comes to games.

The games main approach were that you could choose whatever way to finish the missions that you wanted, if you wanted stealth, head on combat or both. I chose both cause I could not keep away from the air vents, they were to much fun. My main weapons were 10 mm pistol and Sniper rifle but the games “Q” action were pretty fun as well.
I would have wanted more augmentations to choose cause the selection were pretty stealth oriented, some augmentations were even in my mind pretty useless like the Radar System but maybe a full out stealth would need it.

About the story, I am all about the augmentations and didn’t understand the people who were wholeheartedly against it at all, augmentations could do so much for humanity but the question is, could we handle it?

There were four ending choices, I chose to follow “the person”, whose views of it all seemed mostly logical due to that I think humanity would not be able to handle it on their own and it would be bad to let all big corporations do what they wanted with the power of unrestricted augmentation research.

One day, I believe that we can enhance ourselves, the questions is, is it worth it?

IMAG0132 IMAG0130

One response to “Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  1. Deus Ex :O Only experience I have with this series was the PS2 game, and I sucked hard on it. I was really young and well…Put it this way, I didn’t even get past the Tutorial :p Darn game!!

    But from what I’ve seen of this game, and heard, it looks very enjoyable 🙂 I should give it a whirl one day, but after everything else is completed first!

    Another game to add to my endless Steam library x_x xD


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