The Sims 3 Pets

So, I recently played The Sims 3 Pets just for the hell of it and because I thought that, “Hey animals, fun!”

It was a long time ago that I played The Sims 3 last so I had forgotten that I can only enjoy The Sims for a few hours before it get truly dull and worthless again, and it was exactly the same with Pets. The pets were cute and all but The Sims will always just be The Sims for me, boring and soooo much unused potential.

I mean with games like Crysis and Skyrim today, you would think that The Sims would have a little more to come with than the awful graphics and limited things to do. Without the stuff to download, as I could to Sims 1, it’s just empty. I will never pay for stuff to The Sims 3 >.<
But it seems like EA again doesn’t care at all about the players and just care all about the money.

The positive side of it though were that you get to ride horses and cuddle kittens. The kittens in the game made me go “Awwww!” cause they are so tiny it’s ridicules. But the negative side, as with all the Sims expansions, the animals are everywhere, on your farm, on the roads and all around the city. Annoying….

This game nowadays reminds me more of a “advanced” Harvest Moon (farm wise) than The Sims, though without the storyline or romantic/general events. It’s all about the gardening, animals, working and well life.

I come to realize time and time again that The Sims isn’t worth the money nor the time but here I am anyways playing it like it would be fun, and yet again I say to myself…

…Never again…


One response to “The Sims 3 Pets

  1. Sims 3 Pets huh? :O I’ve only played SIms 2 Pets…And that was mainly for the PUPPIIIESSSSS and KITTEEENNNSSSS 😛

    But yes, I agree, Sims can get boring pretty fast. I -did- have Sims 3 installed on this but I never played it, and it took up too much space so I uninstalled.

    With my experience of it though (With the Ambitions and World Adventures Expansion Packs) it was an okay game to play when you had nothing else to do. Loading was…Weirdly, very long for this game? I would load up a town and it’d take quite some time. Everything else was fine on loading though…

    Overall, Sims 3 is okay, can’t comment on Sims 3 Pets though. One of the main things I like about Sims is it can have Mods, but these are still a bit limited.


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