There are spoilers in here!

So, I just started up my Playstation 2, two days ago and felt like I truly needed to play something, as my computer is still broken, I haven’t been playing in ages! I could feel the need for games eat me up inside.
So I plopped in the first cd I could find and it turned out to be Bully.

When I first tried Bully, a year ago or so, I thought it were an awful game, how could schools even be like that!? I stopped playing after a little while, though not because of the horror, but because of me being a really bad loser. Bully makes you do a lot of things at least twice.

So as I said two days ago I started it up again and played it all the way through and I have to say that it wasn’t all that bad. The events were fun and it had that Rockstar feel to it that only Rockstar games have.
The game felt a lot like a mix between Grand Theft Auto and Harvest Moon/Persona 4. GTA cause of the gang fights, bike races and overall nastiness of the place and Harvest Moon/Persona 4 cause of the school feel, getting grades, getting reputation and taking girls out on dates, as well as fixing houses to sleep in and mowing lawns.

My favorite part of the whole game were the nerds, these truly over the top stereotypical nerds that ran around school, playing Grottos and Gremlins, coming up with badass weaponry that kick ass and greeting me as Sir or calling me knight. I would have loved to join their society and play with them but alas I was a bully, and a boy at that.

The thing I would have loved to see in the game were the choice of being male or female, but I haven’t seen a lot of console games that has that choice yet, though I haven’t been looking all that hard. Though the choice of girls to get involved with weren’t that large or even that I had anything to say about them, but i truly liked the last girl, Zoe and Yay! She became my girlfriend as well!

I really liked the game, it is really addictive and it seems to be never ending. I finished the game yesterday but I haven’t finished playing it yet. I’ve gone into, what it seems to be a sandbox mode where I can finish all my grades if I haven’t done that yet and remaining quests. And I really liked the concept art of the game as well, The characters and the world, It feels so easily painted and yet it tells so many things.

So if you like either GTA, Harvest Moon or Persona 4, you should try it out but if you are a bit on the sensitive side about school bullying and other bad things maybe you should try Harvest Moon or Persona instead.


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