Gamex 2011

I’ll start this post out by saying….
I PLAYED MASS EFFECT 3 singleplayer AND multiplayer co-op.

Redhead Female Shepard, ready to kick ass.

At this years Gamex, a game fair in Sweden, that I didn’t know anything about before a couple of weeks ago, they showed of Mass Effect 3 and a bunch of other games.
They said that Mass Effect 3 multiplayer co-op were on world premier and Gamex were the first place to try it on! Of course I was there and stood in line for ages!

IMAG0115fixBehind me is the poster for ME3 world premier for multiplayer co-op ❤

I couldn’t be more psyched to play Mass Effect now, I was a bit worried for both co-op and ME in general as I stated in a earlier post, but trying out the game eased my mind a bit as it was pretty fun!
Bioware’s Deena (from marketing or something) were at Gamex to talk about ME and I really didn’t like that she stated over and over again that ME has AAA action, I would have wished that it would have AAA roleplay instead, but the demos they showed were pretty nice anyways besides some spoilers that I won’t spoil for you here!
She even showed a video of Casey Hudson, saying hello to everyone at Gamex though I just got a crappy shot of the screen….. Sorry!
IMAG0118 IMAG0119 IMAG0109

The people who waited, sucky pictures as well but there were a lot of people waiting to hear about what EA had to say about ME3.

And to just mention the other good games that I saw on gamex.
There were a presentation from EA as well (at the same presentation for ME3) about Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. I instantly wanted to play it, though it reminds me A LOT of Planescape Torment in the beginning, as being dead, ‘resurrected’ and don’t remember anything. The graphics and monsters made me think about Fable and the battle system were like Kingdom hearts. But all in all it looked like a pretty awesome game and I will absolutely play it when it comes out!
Other games that I just looked at were Diablo 3 and Battlefield 3, didn’t look to impressive, just like your average war game and Diablo were to colorful and not dark at all.
And apparently they still make games like SSX, I thought it was dead since long but I guess I’m not that into sport games to care.

 SSX playing on a big screen.

Other than that, the game fair were really awesome and I had a blast walking around there, got 4 compliments for my N7 shirt and even got interviewed for another blog about being a gamer girl at Gamex cause apparently it had been said that there were almost all guys there, not true! Lots of girls were there as well and it pleased me. Now I really don’t have anything more to say but I will post some random pictures from Gamex down here!

If you weren’t at Gamex this year, you missed many epic things, so I think you should go next year (depending on the games….)!

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