Halloween 2011

So, Next weekend it’s celebrating Halloween for me and my friends, as we always dress up every year. This year I was thinking about going as Jeanette Voerman, from the game Vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. It’s one of the first games that got me into the RPG genre and I love it, Vampires is a truly awesome game. If you haven’t played it I think you really should, the world as well as the characters are unforgettable! And the story is interesting and unpredictable.

> Jeanetteuntitled-jeanetteuntitledthereseTherese <

So me and my friend is dressing up as Jeanette and Therese and it’s going to be epic, though I bet that no one will know what we are when we go out clubbing.
Last year I went as a Silent Hill nurse and it was a hit, got many comments as well as looks as I passed by! It was really funny!


Here is a couple of pictures of my costume that I wore last Halloween.
The outfit was rather easy to make, it all includes:
– One nurse outfit or white dress, I used a nurse outfit with a little nurse hat.
– White gloves, preferable textile, to be able to stain them.
– Bandages, I used two, one for covering my hair and the other for my face.
– White pantyhose/tights.

I stained my clothes with a mixture of stuff like, water and cocoa and such, I can’t really remember it all but it’s just to mix things that look good.
I put my dress in tea first to make it look old and stained (to see how you do it, google silent hill nurses.) I also used white and blue theater paint, to get white and  paint veins all over my neck.

Then its just to get dressed when it’s all dried. I went around and smelled chocolate all evening ❤


2 thoughts on “Halloween 2011

  1. Dat Silent Hill Costume. :O Looks. So. Good! 😀 Especially the bandage wrap around the head and the eye showing o.o Purty! 😀

    Also good pose on the last picture! Very fitting for the Nurses :O But…I -doubt- the real nurses smell like chocolate 😛 I’m sure they’d be getting ALL the hugs if they did! \o/…Before, ya know…Killing the guy hugging them…xD


  2. Can't wait!! It's gonna be absolutely epic ❤ But, I still need a new costume which means we need to go shopping my dear. Oh the noes ;o We'll plan it soon! 😀


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