Gamer Clothing (L)

So, yesterday I brought a ordinary black hat and thought that I would make it a bit more me. I got my needle and ball of yarn out and started fixing it. Here it is:


I’ve been doing this with some other clothing that I got laying around and made it more my style and taste, though not with balls of yarn but with textile paint. It is hard to find things you wanna wear in a regular store, as we barely have any clothing stores here that even comes close to gaming clothes so hey, I’ll ‘DIY’. Here is some pictures of clothing I’ve painted on so far:


My profile pic here has the NWN eye as well as ‘Gamer’ and a pirate skull for, I would say, obvious reasons… *cough* and the other is a gamer shirt that was my first project, on the back I have painted logos, they are some of the games that I love the most so far, though I might have to update that one and make a new one soon… And just because, I haven’t done this, I got it as a birthday gift from my boyfriend but it’s just SO epic. The N7 Logo from Mass Effect ❤



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