Mass Effect rants

This is me messing around with Fraps in Mass Effect, With Kaidan and Ashley.

So, I just read about the 4 player co-op for Mass effect 3, playable over Xbox Live, PSN and Internet. I am both rather happy about it and rather worried at the same time. The new games from Bioware hasn’t been as they were before, like Dragon Age 2 for example… I was so disappointed.

Mass Effect is a game I truly love, it has it all, the story, the characters, the romance and the big world. Before Mass Effect, I could never have seen myself play TPS games that had a space story, stupid I know. Then after a while of arguing (lots of arguing) from my boyfriend, I played it, and of course loved it. I fell in love with my female Shepard and her bad ass attitude, her armors and her weapons. The graphics were amazing and the story was intriguing all the way through, though the game was a bit short. The inventory screen was perfect, I had my inventory bag where I could switch armor and ammo as I pleased.

Then Mass Effect 2 came and shattered my beloved inventory bag with an ‘easier’ option, to change armor in the ship (making it a pain in the ass if I needed to change in the middle of a mission) and the ammo were set as actions to be used as the biotics.

‘Easier’ yeah, but for who? The new, more stupid generation. What about us gamers who still have brains to use? What about us who still prefer long games that make us think and not just go through a game for a few hours then go ‘Meh’?

Oh well, overall the game was good and I really liked the options in some talks to do a paragon or renegade action and be badass. I was happy that they removed the little vehicle, used to survey planets and replaced it with the scanning. The little vehicle did not like me and it took me forever to use it, I know I suck.

Now I’m getting really worried for Mass Effect 3, my hopes are really low, as Bioware is going downwards in my opinion. Especially after what I saw happened to Dragon age 2. I really, really hope they take in all the negativity they got for DA2 and makes ME3 as awesome as they say. But on the positive side, I really look forward to the romance, that lasts through all the three games as well as more options to move on the battlefield as well as it seems more customizable options for appearance.

And on the subject of appearance, I just read on that Tali’s face might be revealed in ME3. I liked the mystery about her but it would be interesting to see what she looks like.

Nonetheless I will get it and play it, and maybe even try the co-op, so keep a lookout for me out there when the game is released or you might be shot in the back.

2 responses to “Mass Effect rants

  1. As per usuall you cant satisfy all people, they tried to change the direction of the game in the second installment, not that I would realy in all honestly say wasnt too much of a change, realy.

    ME1 were good and still is, and so are ME2. Mass Effect 3 would probably be good too, if people try to take a game for what it is instead of what it should be I think gamers, beginners as so called “veterans” would enjoy their games much more.


  2. I Agree on most of the things. I liked to drive around the mako (or what was it called?) but the most annoying parts was that they dumbed down the second part so much that it turned into an action game without the RPG flavour.


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