Welcome to Silent Hill


Now when the days are getting darker and colder, I just came to think about playing Silent Hill 2.
Silent Hill 2 is the perfect game to cuddle up to, in the couch, with a big blanket. I however had to sit with my blanket on a computer chair because I am mostly a PC player, so I played it on my computer. It was well worth it.

The game is one of the better horror games, that I’ve played but alas I haven’t played that many at all. I have to admit that the puzzles made me a bit nervous at times but overall the game is really cozy and interesting. The thing I love about Silent Hill the most is the music, the wonderful soundtrack made by Akira Yamaoka.
The characters in the game is really creepy, such as the nurses, and ‘Pyramid Head’, and he sure made me sweat a few times and really be on my guard when he came around.
I really like the design on them as well as the feeling of the town.

When the sound of the radio starts to make noises and crackle and the thick fog is around you. That feeling is just indescribable.

Silent Hill 2 is really a must-play for horror fans as it is a really good game so I think everyone should sit down in front of their TV or computer screen and start playing it right now, when darkness falls.

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