I am waiting and waiting for the unofficial patch F2RP 2.2 to be released, for Fallout 2. I haven’t played any of the Fallouts yet (when I say Fallouts, I don’t really count Fallout 3) and one of the mods for Fallout is a sexy redhead that I’m waiting for as well.
The patch however is taking forever and I’m getting more and more exited to play it!

I really like the graphics of the game and the characters, the story however, is unknown so far and I have to comment on that when I finish the game.

The Redhead: hfrjmpaa-3



3 thoughts on “Fallout

  1. Fallout 1 och 2 samt New Vegas är fenomenala spel som är underskattade. Min gissning är att du liksom de flesta kommer att undlåta dig att se det på grund utav den åldrande grafiken.

    men jag hoppas så klart att du gillar de!


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