Baldur’s Gate 2, modded!


There might be some spoilers in here!

I recently finished Baldur’s Gate 2 for the third time and I love it, I have played it a couple of more times but never finished those playthroughs. I’ve tried the fighter, the thief, the sorceress and now, for the time being, I’m trying out the druid, though with cheats.

The game is one of my favorites, the story and characters are epic as well as the graphics.
Though I have not been playing the game vanilla. I’ve been playing the game, filled with mods of different kinds, especially BWP (Big World Project). I’m that kind of person who loves character interaction and dialogues, especially the romance ones.
Baldur’s Gate is filled with them, for all people, with the right mods (I can hardly stand Anomen but he’s sure fun to mess with when playing and evil character). My favorite characters throughout the game are: Xan, of course the gloomy, doomed elf we all love and Kivan, the mourning ranger.
The companions that follows you through the game are fun, vibrant and talkative so there is never a dull moment as you travel through the lands, day and night. With characters like Minsc, Imoen and Xan, there can’t be a boring moment.

Other characters that are easy to love are: Laran, the horny paladin (mod) that you meet at an tavern in Waukeen’s Promenade and Renal Bloodscalp, the thief master. Both whom I had sex with thanks to mods. (There are more sex for those who wants it, with others as well). Another one to love is Aidan, the ghost, but alas he is a mod as well, from the quest Fading Promises.

The storyline is really interesting and it keeps me interested all the way through with plots and twists. Being a bhaalspawn isn’t an easy task to deal with and the game sure cuts you no slack and the choices you can make only makes it even more fun.
It’s a long game as well, with many side quests as well as companion quests that just brings you all closer together on your quest to fighting ‘stinking’ evil,

The game story is interesting and never boring. It is a truly epic rpg in my taste. The fighting might be hard at first for people who haven’t tried D&D in games before and some might think it’s really good, the games is meant for tactical game play but scripts are awesome for those (like me) that mostly focus on the main character in battle.
It took a while for me to get the ways around battle and many trials and fails before I could truthfully understand and handle it.

All in all, I highly recommend that anyone should play this game, (as well as Baldur’s Gate 1) either with some mods or not. It is well worth it.

Why Baldur’s Gate is the best game series of all time.

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